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Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa Scholars

Rio Mesa Scholars are students (undergraduate and graduate) and junior faculty who conduct research projects at the field station with funds awarded through either the Rio Mesa Undergraduate Research Grant or the Rio Mesa Young Scholar programs. These programs offer an important opportunity for students and early-career academics to build skills in developing and executing research projects. Scholars, in turn, enrich our research community by providing new information and perspectives on the Colorado Plateau.


Undergraduate Research Grant Application Form

Young Scholar Grant Application Form

Research Projects

Current Undergraduate Fellows

No pic Lya Yang Art & Art History

Collective Environment: an Exploration

through Landscape Painting

2017 Fellow
 Chloe Betts Chloe Betts


Sekercioglu Lab

Motion Activated Camera Traps 2016 Fellow
 Brock James  Brock James Anthropology, UU Archaeology Center Stone Tool Use Wear Analysis 2016 Fellow
 No Pic  Josh Lipman Religious Studies

This historical and current conceptualization

of the nature of southern Utah by religious


 2015 Fellow
 No Pic  Tyler Willmore Art & Art History, Tyler Willmore's Website


New Plein Air Paintings of Eastern Utah

 2015 Fellow
 No Pic  Mike Mason Geography

Fluvial Geomorphology at Rio Mesa:

river channel and tributary wash

migration over time.

 2015 Fellow


Past undergraduate fellow project summaries.

 Rio Mesa Young Scholars

 No Pic Anna Brady    (more info soon)  
 Isaac Hart Isaac Hart Anthropology, UU Archaeology Center Monitoring Wild Onions at Utah Bottoms  2015
 No Pic Tyler Huth Geology & Geophysics  (more info soon)  
 No Pic Zachariah Levine    (more info soon)  
 Kate Magargal Kate Magargal Anthropology, UU Archaeology Center Lower Dolores Watershed Archaeological Project 2015
 Wendy Wischler Wendy Wischer Art & Art History  (more info soon)  


Past Rio Mesa Young Scholar project summaries (link coming soon).

Last Updated: 7/21/22