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Species of the Week

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October 22, 2023

utah juniperFremont Cottonwood (Learn More - NWF)

mountain lionMountain Lion (Learn More - NWF)

Note: Photo taken via camera trap. See more here.

October 15, 2023

utah juniperUtah Juniper (Learn More - USU)

mountain lionSharp-shinned Hawk (Learn More - Audubon)

Photo Credit: Caroline Wolfe-Merritt

October 8, 2023

rabbitbrushRubber Rabbitbrush (Learn More - USDA)

weidemeyer's admiral butterflyWeidemeyer's Admiral Butterfly (Learn More - DesertUSA)

October 1, 2023

fourwing saltbushFourwing Saltbush (Learn More - USDA)

ruby-crowned kingletRuby-crowned Kinglet (Learn More - Audubon)

Photo Credit: Carly Crow

September 24, 2023

mourning doveMourning Dove (Learn More - Cornell Lab)

Photo Credit: Harmony Cecil

sand sagebrushSand Sagebrush (Learn More - USU)

September 17, 2023

broom snakeweedBroom Snakeweed (Learn More - USU)



song sparrowSong Sparrow (Learn More - Audubon)

Photo Credit: Harmony Cecil

September 10, 2023

desert hollyDesert Holly (Learn More - CU)



northern flickerNorthern Flicker (Learn More - Audubon)

Photo Credit: Harmony Cecil

September 3, 2023

hoary tansyaster

Hoary Tansyaster (Learn More - BLM)


western tanagerWestern Tanager (Learn More - Audubon)

Photo credit: Carly Crow

August 27, 2023

wilson's warbler

Spotted Towhee (Learn More - Audubon)

Photo Credit: Harmony Cecil

yellow beeplantDatura (Learn More - Native Memory Project)

August 20, 2023

wilson's warbler

Wilson's Warbler (Learn More - Audubon)

Photo Credit: Carly Crow

yellow beeplantYellow Beeplant (Learn More - USU)

August 13, 2023

evening-primroseEvening-primrose (Learn More - NMSU) hawk mothHawk Moth / Sphinx Moth (Learn More - USDA)

August 6, 2023

blanket flowerBlanketflower (Learn More - USU) collared lizardCollared Lizard (Learn More - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum)

July 30, 2023

prince's plumePrince's Plume (Learn More - USU) western scrub-jayWestern Scrub-Jay (Learn More - NWF)

July 23, 2023

prairie sunflowerPrairie Sunflower (Learn More - NPS) striped whipsnakeStriped Whipsnake (Learn More - NPS)

July 16, 2023

rocky mountain beeplantRocky Mountain Beeplant (Learn More - USU) shining leaf chafer beetleShining Leaf Chafer Beetle (Learn More - ISU)

July 9, 2023

prairie coneflowerPrairie Coneflower / Mexican Hat (Learn More - SEINet) woodhouse's toadWoodhouse's Toad (Learn More - WDFW; Listen - UofU)

July 2, 2023

midget faded rattlesnakeMidget Faded Rattlesnake (Learn More - COPARC)



Skunkbush (Learn More - USU)

June 25, 2023

white sand verbena flowers Fragrant White Sand Verbena (Learn More - SEINet) prionus longhorn beetlePrionus Longhorn Beetle (Learn More - Bugwoodwiki)

June 18, 2023

palmers penstemonPalmer's Penstemon (Learn More - SEINet) black bear tracksBlack Bear (Learn More - Wild Aware Utah)

June 11, 2023

sego lily flower Sego Lily (Learn More - USDA)

baby turkeyWild Turkey, less than 1 week old (Learn More - USU)

June 4, 2023

image of cliffroseCliffrose (Learn More - NMSU)

image of gopher snakeGopher Snake (Learn More - NDOW)


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