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Experience Rio Mesa

rainbow over Utah Bottoms


Imagine an isolated ancient floodplain on the Colorado Plateau, surrounded by towering redrock cliffs. The sound of the river -continuing an ancient journey carving down through solid rock- dominates the canyon. Birds and wind occasionally join the chorus.  This is a place to immerse yourself in the ecological, cultural and geological wonders of southern Utah. Imagine also that this place is served by off-grid, ecologically- sensitive facilities for research, education and retreat. This is our vision for Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa, a multi-disciplinary, modern outdoor laboratory for research and education. Disciplines as diverse as science, architecture, engineering and art come together here, to question our notion of what it means to live on the Colorado Plateau. Rio Mesa is a place where we can communally imagine and act on new narratives for a sustainable future. Get a taste of Rio Mesa by exploring the sights, sounds, and facilities below.


Blog: Field Reflections

Sounds of Rio Mesa:

Recordings by Jeff Rice, Easter Morning April 2011.
Western Soundscape Archive


Last Updated: 2/1/24